We have a better answer for new construction

Much of the Mississippi soil is composed of clay, which makes it difficult to build on. Concrete foundations are still being poured, only to sink or become damaged in 5-10 years’ time. Foremost Foundations has a better answer for new construction. We’re your total foundation solutions company in Jackson, MS.

We are licensed to install Wafflemat Foundation-Forming systems, which were designed to withstand the test of time, even on Mississippi soil. A proper foundation sets the stage for the rest of a building’s construction. The Wafflemat Foundation-Foaming system is one of the most proven foundation systems ever developed for residential and commercial structures. In less than half the time it would take to install an alternative foundation, Foremost Foundations can construct a Wafflemat Foundation that conforms to International Building Codes and Post Tension Institute specifications.

Wafflemat Foundation Installation Process


  1. 1. Pad Installation

    A clean and level pad is installed so that the system can sit on grade.


  2. 2. Waffleboxes Are Set

    Interlocking, thermal-grade, heat-resistant, patented plastic Waffleboxes are set directly on the ground.


  3. 3. Concrete Is Poured

    Post-tensioned or rebar concrete is monolithically poured over the Waffleboxes to create concrete beams running throughout the footprint and perimeter of the system.


  4. 4. Completion

    The Wafflemat Foundation system sits on top of the soil, much like a raft, helping to absorb heaving soils and eliminate structural cracks and providing you with an unparalleled foundation solution.


Foremost Foundations is your total foundation solution for new construction in Jackson, MS and the surrounding areas. Our teams are knowledgeable, respectful and ready to help. Contact Foremost Foundations to schedule your foundation for new construction today.