Structural Repair

Foremost Foundations is your one-stop-shop for structural repairs in Jackson, MS and the surrounding areas. When direct impact puts stress on a certain area of a structure, damage can occur to the concrete. We handle any kind of major repairs to your structure, which can be caused by:

  • Freezing and/or thawing cycles
  • Mechanical overload
  • Improper installation
  • Damage during transport or installation
  • Standing water caused by improper drainage, adding unsafe weight to a structure

Foremost Foundations uses a series of Prime Rez epoxy injection resins to make repairs to structural cracks. Our experts will analyze the situation and determine which Prime Rez is right for your repair. The Prime Rez series of resins are ideal because they offer a quick, easy fix at a fraction of the cost of replacing a structure. In addition, this process is less messy and eliminates spalling.

  • For small, tight cracks – Prim Rez 1200 Low Mod LV
  • For wide cracks and voids – Prime Rez 1400 Void Filler
  • For cracks over 1/4″ – Prime Rez 1600 Injection Gel

At Foremost Foundations, we do our best to treat every customer like our family. We want to offer you a solution to your problems, not just a quick fix. Our knowledgeable staff only use the best products on the market to repair damage to your structure in the most effective way possible with as little disturbance to the rest of your property. Our teams are knowledgeable, respectful and ready to help.

Contact Foremost Foundations to schedule your structural repair today.