Seawalls are vital to the integrity of seaside properties. They keep a structure above sea level and help to prevent soil erosion. Whether you’re building at the seaside or looking to have your seawall repaired, Foremost Foundations & Construction can help.

Our seawall experts will assess your property to provide you with the most accurate quote. We’ll also  explain all of the options available to you, keeping in mind factors like the grading of your property, any existing structures you may have, and the amount of water near your property.

If your seawall needs repairs, we can help with that as well. Over time, seawalls can erode and crack, preventing them from doing their job. As water passes through the seawall, soil can be washed out and ultimately create a void that turns into a sinkhole. This is a major problem that you may never see coming! If you’re not sure if your seawall needs repair, have one of our experts come out and assess your situation.  

Foremost Foundations & Construction is your trusted source for seawall building and repair in Jackson, MS and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more.