What causes damage?

Mississippi soil is known for consisting of a lot of clay, making it notorious for causing structural damage. Foremost Foundations is your total foundation repair company in Jackson, MS. We’ve seen damage to foundations, concrete slabs, and more caused by a variety of factors, including:

  1. 1. Drainage Issues

    Moisture can be devastating to your foundation or the concrete surrounding your property, causing it to erode and drain improperly.

  2. 2. Soil Conditions

    Soil can expand and contract, causing your foundation or concrete to crack and fail.

  3. 3. Poor Ground Preparation

    Improperly compacted soil is one of the leading causes of foundation failure.

  4. 4. Soil Conditions

    From an insufficient amount of steel to an inferior supply of concrete, your foundation can move or crack from an inferior base.

How can we help?

Foremost Foundations can repair damage to your foundation, cracked or leaking concrete, and sunken or uneven slabs quickly and efficiently.

Our Repair Tactics

No matter what problem you’re experiencing, our team will assess the damage to your property, then provide an action plan to repair it.
We specialize in the following services: